Argentum - this city needs a superevent!

Super powers

Immortality. We’re working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week keeping track of the whole process from conceptual phase of your event to its final stage.

Mind-reading. While preparing the event we read not only the work statement but also your thoughts. Due to our experience we can foresee the future: we always know what nuances we should keep in mind to reduce or avoid potential risks.

Invisibility. Our task is to show to our guests the results of our work when the event creation and process mechanism are invisible.

Flexibility. We are able to adapt our work to the specifics of each event. This superpower applies as well to the financial side (postpayment, discount system)

Super weapon

Creative - we create one-of-a-kind things - every event is unique! We produce only individual custom-designed products without any exception.

Our creative team develops all kind of concepts from humorous content (Comedy Production, club of humor, StandUp) to the scripting of serious emotional projects.

We’re proud of working

with the best companies